{December 31, 2011}   OMG

My BF is the best in the whole world. Today is my birthday.  He just made me a home-made dark dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and a gooey dark chocolate icing. I have never had a home-made cake before.  It’s soooo good.  It was his first time with this recipe and he only made one other many years past.  HE is not a chef of any sort but he is also very generous and not afraid.  I’ll tell you what I know I worked really hard to get to a place where I could not only recognize the subtle signs and red flags of both dysfunctional and super healthy people so that I could gravitate in the direction of having healthy ppl in my life.  But to also allow someone to treat me well, to realize that I am valuable, that I am loveable and I had no idea I would ever have it this good.  I did project my intentions to the universe over several years time with the main and overall intention being, “…and better than I ever thought possible…” and that’s what I have found.  I love him.  He has spent about 4 hours on it to get it done before midnight in which it would no longer be the day of my birth anv.


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